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What is there to see at Memorial Hall Museum?

The museum exhibits everything from fine art to military artifacts to decorative arts to textiles. Whatever your interest is, you’re almost certain to find it in the museum’s 19 galleries.


Why is it called “Memorial Hall”?

One of the intentions of the founders of Memorial Hall Museum, and of Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, was to memorialize those who had come before. To the founders, this included both colonial-era settlers as well as the native Pocumtucks, whom they wrongly believed to have “vanished from the land.” The memorials included placing physical monuments throughout the region, inviting people to inscribe family plaques, and accepting objects donated in memory of their ancestors (forming the basis of the collection).

What is the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association?

Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, or PVMA, is one of the oldest historical societies in America. PVMA founded Memorial Hall Museum in 1880 to display its growing collection. It continues to oversee the museum today. PVMA also runs the Deerfield Teacher’s Center, the Old Deerfield Craft Fairs, the PVMA Library, and the Indian House Memorial on Main Street.


What was Memorial Hall before becoming a museum?

Before becoming a museum, Memorial Hall was the home of Deerfield Academy. The building was designed by Asher Benjamin and opened in 1799. The rear portion of the building was added by the Academy in 1813. Deerfield Academy continued to operate in the building until constructing a new facility on the Deerfield Common in the 1870s. At that time PVMA purchased the building and converted it into a museum.


What is the difference between Old Deerfield and Historic Deerfield?

The village of Deerfield is often referred to as “Old Deerfield.” This is not an official designation, but it is an apt description. Memorial Hall Museum is located in the heart of Old Deerfield. Historic Deerfield, Inc. is a nonprofit history organization which owns many of the buildings in Old Deerfield. Memorial Hall Museum and Historic Deerfield, Inc. collaborate frequently, but are separate entities.


Why is there a dinosaur in front of Memorial Hall Museum?

The dinosaur sculpture was made by local artist for an exhibit on Edward and Orra Hitchcock, scientists who pioneered the study of dinosaur fossils. Our dinosaur’s name is Rusty. He’s on Instagram @rustythedinosaur

Cute little museum that is currently free for an anniversary year with exhibits on the town's 1704 raid, music, architecture, ceramics, etc. from the town (and region's) history. There's a lot of cool artifacts including a door that got slashed during the raid. There are a lot of rooms so it's actually quite a diverse collection and worth an hour-ish of your time. If you're in the area, it's a nice but small museum to visit.


The people who work here are so nice and know all about New England history and Deerfield! A very strong and diverse collection of items, including a house door from the attack on the village in 1704!


This museum was a fantastic place rich in local history/heritage while at the same time contextualizing the past in a way that makes it attainable to modern society. There are artifacts galore as well as several period rooms in which you can be transported back in time with only the use of one's imagination. Make sure to check out the door on the second floor. You'll know the one. It's halfway between the first and third floor. The accesability was very good with a dedicated ramp to enter and extremely helpful staff leading the way to and from the elevator. It is truly a museum one shouldn't miss when in the area.

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